We can make paper do anything!

Hands for PLANarama, chairs designed by Alex Hellum, lighting by Simon Pengelly 

Stamp Creative was established in 1997 as a design and manufacturing company specialising in paper engineering with die-cutting as a production process (previously under the name of 2pm Ltd).

Fifteen years on, we have a design studio and factory and have worked on a multitude of visual merchandise projects for a agencies servicing a number of high street retailers, banks, media organisations and art galleries.

In order to develop visual merchandise production, product design as well as our bespoke packaging design service, we offer a quick and easy prototyping service to make sure that you get what you want without excessive costs. Everything we produce is manufactured on site and within the UK at competitive prices.

Die cutting, CNC Routing, Printing and Visual Merchandise.

Stamp can offer paper engineering, CNC routing, printing and packaging design including a full prototyping service to help you finalise what you need.

Please contact Stewart or Ralph at our studio if you have any queries or if you require any further information on what Stamp Creative can do.

 email :

phone : 01923 803222

 To give you an idea of the scope of our work, here are a few projects that we've worked on.




 Visual merchandise projects for PLANarama, mannequins by Stewart Robbins